Easy Investment. How to Make Money on Cryptocurrency

4 min readAug 4, 2021


There are many ways to increase your savings using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Let’s talk about how to get additional income simply by investing in cryptocurrency.

HODL cryptocurrencies!

We have been familiar with Bitcoin for over ten years. Even now this cryptocurrency does not lose its leadership and remains the main and most expensive crypto asset. In the spring of 2021, the value of one bitcoin beat $60,000, and despite the fall, many experts predict its growth in the future.

Such an increase in the cryptocurrency’s value has become the base of one of the most prominent earning strategies — HODL. Having bought a cryptocurrency many do not sell it but wait until the value grows several times. The same applies to Ethereum. Many have capitalized on the growth of this cryptocurrency when they invested in it early on. That is the way they got income with cryptocurrency.

However, now the cost of these cryptocurrencies is very high and no one can guarantee that by buying these crypto-assets you will not lose money.

Sorry, you can’t go back to 2011 and buy bitcoin for just a couple of cents.

Wow, where is a promising asset here

Over 10 years have passed since the creation of bitcoin. During this time, bitcoin has taken root in the cryptocurrency market. But there is no need to despair, because many other cryptocurrency types have appeared, each with its properties. Some are technologically advanced, and some owe their price to the tweets of famous people. But people can get a significant income with new crypto assets. Here are some examples of some modern assets:

ADA — new, but well-known cryptocurrency made on the Cardano blockchain. They launched it in 2017. The price was about 5 cents. Now its cost increased up to $2!

DOT — they made the cryptocurrency on the Polkadot blockchain. The starting price was $4. Now the price on the stock market is $40!

FJT is Fuji’s cryptocurrency based on the Tron blockchain. Now the first round of the presale has started. Price per coin — $0.5. You can buy a coin at a bargain price. If you invest $10,000 — the price of one coin will be $0.25. It will be an excellent investment for the future when the coin value increases.

The solid technological foundation of their blockchains unites these cryptocurrencies. Appraise the technological benefits of new projects, buy young tokens, follow the news on Twitter https://twitter.com/fjtfuji?s=11 or the Telegram channel https://t.me/fuji_company to know about all the growth prospects of Fuji and whether cryptocurrency prices will rise.

21st-century gold rush

Receiving passive income from buying a crypto asset that is growing in price is a pleasant prospect. But there are other options to invest in cryptocurrency — crypto-mining.

This is the process of ensuring the formation of new blocks, containing data about transactions in such blockchains as Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum. But this method requires investment in equipment and complex calculations. Anyone who can do this generates a block of transactions for a period and receives a reward as a cryptocurrency. It is also acceptable to use the term PoW (proof of work) — the principle of blockchain formation.

Another advantage of this method of investing in cryptocurrency is that the miner receives a percentage of the cryptocurrency transfer as an additional reward. The competition among miners is very high. Because of this, many join groups and split the rewards in half.

If you do not have a powerful computer, the necessary mathematical knowledge, and it is also expensive for you to pay for electricity, go to the next method.

Staking is an analog of a deposit in a bank!

The mining that we talked about above means a colossal waste of electricity. The result is environmental changes.

In new blockchain developments, they tried to solve this problem differently. This is how a new method appeared — PoS. Some crypto-asset holders get the right to form blocks. They leave their assets as collateral. It’s kind of a guarantee of honesty. By forming a block they also get a bonus and a certain percentage for allowing others to use their assets.

The percentage of additional income from staking is not high and varies from 5% to 15% per annum. At the same time, the risks of losing investments are also much lower than trading on the stock.

Final Words

Whichever type of cryptocurrency investment you choose — remember that the choice is yours. It is up to you to decide whether investing in a new crypto asset — FJT coin or painstaking work on Bitcoin mining is right for you.




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